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Champagne truffles(Sweets)

We guarantee no guest will refuse these festive truffles. The wickedly dark chocolate and champagne centres are coated with smooth white chocolat

Issue 11   

Chocolate meringue nest(Sweets)

Meringues always make popular dessertsand we guarantee this Easter nest one will be no exception. The mouthwatering eggs nestled in the creamy...

Issue 18   

Christmas marzipan délice(Sweets)

Marzipan fruits are a Christmas tradition but why stick to just fruits when you can make something a bit more special for the festive season?

Issue 10   

Decorated Strawberries(Sweets)

Strawberries and chocolate - a match made in heaven. A lovely gift or the perfect way to end a romantic meal.

Issue 15   

Flowerpot cupcakes(Sweets)

These colourful cupcakes would make the perfect present for a keen gardener. It’s easy to make the flowers with your plunger cutters – our blooms

Issue 22   

Golden Glow Toffee Apples(Sweets)

These super sophisticated gilded toffee apples are guaranteed to make any firework party go off with a bang. Choose even-sized dessert apples...

Issue 8   

Marshmallow treats(Sweets)

These psychedelic marshmallow wands, made in your unique mould and served on vividly patterned straws, are guaranteed to be the star of an...

Issue 7   

Meringue gourds(Sweets)

These crisp, crunchy meringue gourds might look difficult to make but all you need is a paintbrush and orange and green gel food colourings to...

Issue 7   

Merveilleux Meringues(Sweets)

These delectable little meringues, sandwiched and coated with whipped cream, were originally from Belgium but their popularity quickly spread.

Issue 2   

Pink funfetti popcorn(Sweets)

t’s really very easy and the children won’t need any persuading to help you make it – or eat it afterwards!

Issue 20   

Springtime Calissons(Sweets)

Sold in a decorative white and gold tin, you can make your own using the special cutters in the Springtime in Paris Bake Box.

Issue 17   

Turkish Delight(Sweets)

Sugar-dusted squares of Turkish delight, flavoured with fragrant rosewater and piled high on copper trays.

Issue 2   

Two-tone Marshmallows(Sweets)

Anyone with a sweet tooth won’t be able to resist these soft, chewy pillows of marshmallow. We’ve flavoured and coloured half the mixture...

Issue 16   

White Chocolate Rocky Road(Sweets)

Rocky road is a popular treat, which is hardly surprising as it’s a combination of marshmallows, chocolate and other hard-to-resist...

Issue 12