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Caramel Profiteroles(Patisserie)

Simple and delicious, profiteroles are a happy combination of light choux pastry, sweet whipped cream and a luxurious caramel sauce topping.


Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts(Patisserie)

These individual tarts are just as good as they look.



This spectacular pyramid of choux buns, filled with crème pâtissière and wrapped in a gossamer web of spun sugar, is traditionally made in France

Issue 11   

Festive Canapés(Patisserie)

Matcha green tea added to white chocolate ganache makes a delectable filling for these elegant canapés made with the boat canapé mould...

Issue 12   

Galette des Rois(Patisserie)

In France, Galettes des Rois are traditionally eaten after Christmas on the Twelfth Night. The layers of puff pastry are filled with almond...

Issue 12   

Gingerbread house(Patisserie)

Inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm, this exquisite gingerbread house will make any child’s Christmas magical.

Issue 11   

Holly leaf mince pies(Patisserie)

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a plate of mince pies and even the best shop bought ones can’t compare with ones you’ve made your...

Issue 10   

Lavender madeleines(Patisserie)

Bite into one of these sparkling little cakes with their crystal sugar topping and you’ll feel you’ve been transported to Paris!

Issue 17   

Mini Cheesecake Tartlets(Patisserie)

These dainty tartlets look really elegant as part of a party buffet spread.


Mini Citrus Macarons(Patisserie)

Macarons are fast becoming the most popular petit fours to serve with after dinner coffee and these miniature versions can’t fail to delight.


Mini French Éclairs(Patisserie)

Learn to create these delicate, striped mini eclairs, filled with vanilla-scented crème pâtissière and decorated with pastel-tinted fondant icing

Issue 1   

Mini Party Canapés(Patisserie)

Use the mini cup canapé mould to make these fantastic sweet and savoury canapés. Start your party with savoury tomato cakes, topped with cream...

Issue 12   


Sometimes known as cream slices, Napoleons are a variation on millefeuille.


Valentine macarons(Patisserie)

The two-tone mixture and the rose infused white chocolate ganache make these macarons the perfect gift for a loved one.

Issue 17