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Autumn Leaves Cake(Chocolate)

This impressive cake with its decoration of chocolate leaves and a striking chocolate flower on top would make a beautiful centrepiece.

Issue 6   

Chocolate and Chestnut Roulade(Chocolate)

Desserts don’t get more impressive or wickedly chocolatey than this! All your guests will be coming back for a second slice of this roulade.


Chocolate Caramel Shell Cakes(Chocolate)

These chocolate cupcakes are topped with a salted caramel flavoured buttercream and decorated with a shimmering sugarpaste shells.


Chocolate Pyramids(Chocolate)

However well they have dined, few guests will be able to resist one of these elegant chocolate pyramids.

Issue 9   

Chocolate Tea Cakes(Chocolate)

Have fun making giant versions of an old favourite using a domed silicone pan. We think this is a sure case of bigger is better.


Florentine Chocolates(Chocolate)

For the perfect present, look no further than these mini florentines baked in different shapes using a chocolate mould and beautifully decorated.


Halloween Bark(Chocolate)

Chocolate bark is a thin sheet of chocolate topped with nuts, dried fruits or small sweets that is snapped into smaller shards to serve.

Issue 7   

Hand rolled chocolate truffles(Chocolate)

Drizzled with a little plain chocolate, these hand rolled chocolate truffles make a perfect gift. They will keep for up to two weeks if stored...


Mocha Latte Cake(Chocolate)

Why have a round or square cake when you can have this funky triangular shaped cake instead?