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Lovebird Biscuits(Cakes)

These delightful lovebird and heart biscuits are the perfect gift for Valentines day.

Issue 15   

Rose Buttercream Cake(Cakes)

Ring-a-ring o’roses goes the children’s nursery rhyme and it could have been written about this gorgeous cake.

Issue 15   

4th July Cupcakes in a Jar(Cakes)

These patriotic blue and red vanilla cupcakes, layered in jars with cream cheese frosting, are perfect treats for an Independence Day party!

Issue 2   

Blackberry and apple pie(Cakes)

All you need to transform an everyday family favourite into this eye-catching dessert is your pie top cutter and a dusting of coloured sugar.

Issue 22   

Blackberry and rosemary crêpe gâteau(Cakes)

Rather than sponge cake, this impressive gâteau is made by stacking wafer thin, golden crêpes.

Issue 14   

Blackboard Cake(Cakes)

This stylish cake may not have much in common with the average classroom but it is certainly a lot more exciting!

Issue 4   

Bonfire night cupcakes(Cakes)

Topped with ruffles of chocolate buttercream and dancing golden flames, these bright and beautiful cupcakes will set any bonfire party ablaze.

Issue 8   

Bow tie cake pops(Cakes)

Bows can be seen on the red carpet and the catwalk, plus they’re favourite accessories for A-listers everywhere.

Issue 10   

Buttercream Straight-Sided Cake(Cakes)

With its peach buttercream frosting and glossy ‘mirror’ glaze gently coursing down the sides, this yummy chocolate cake is elegant in a grown...

Issue 16   

Butterfly Gâteau(Cakes)

When butterflies return to your garden after the cold, dark days of winter, it’s a sure sign that spring has arrived. We’ve created a rainbow...

Issue 18   

Cake Pops(Cakes)

Cake pops are a fun and delicious cross between a cake and a lollipop.


Caribbean Christmas cake(Cakes)

Enjoy a taste of the tropics this Christmas by making this colourful iced ring instead of a traditional cake.

Issue 11   

Charlotte Royale(Cakes)

Charlotte Royale is made by setting a thick custard called a Bavarois in a dome-shaped mould lined with thin slices of Swiss roll. It is a...

Issue 5   

Cherry Streusel Traybake(Cakes)

This moist cherry cake has a crunchy streusel topping that is spiced with warm cinnamon.

Issue 2   

Chinese Lantern Cake(Cakes)

If you’re planning a party to celebrate Chinese New Year, this striking lantern cake would make the perfect centre piece.

Issue 14   

Chocolate Bundt Cake(Cakes)

Use the swirly bundt mould from this month’s Bake Box to create this gorgeous chocolate bundt cake.

Issue 13   

Classic Victoria Sandwich(Cakes)

This traditional sponge is a must for any baker’s repertoire and is perfect for any occasion.


Cookie bouquet(Cakes)

It you want to say it with flowers the next time a friend or relative has a birthday, surprise them with a bouquet they can eat!


Dobos Torte(Cakes)

Usually made as one large gâteau, we’ve had fun transforming a classic Dobos Torte into pretty individual cakes. The delicious mix of rich...

Issue 16   

Easter chick and rabbit cupcakes(Cakes)

Children of all ages will love these irresistible chocolate cupcakes, topped with cute chicks and rabbits made using a themed Easter mould. We’ve

Issue 18   

Elegant Iced Cupcakes(Cakes)

These little cupcakes with their delicate sugarpaste icing have been baked with grown-ups in mind and for special occasions.


Exotic Fruit Tea Ring(Cakes)

This tea bread is lightly spiced with cinnamon and ginger and topped with tropical fruit for an exciting twist.


Fireworks cake(Cakes)

If you really want your Guy Fawkes’ party to go with a bang, look no further than this unique cake. The glittering fireworks shooting out of...

Issue 8   

Floral celebration cake(Cakes)

We’re sure you’ll all agree that anyone would be thrilled if you made this cake for them – it’s perfect for any summer celebration! All the flowe

Issue 22   

Floral Cupcakes(Cakes)

These beautifully decorated and subtle floral-flavoured cupcakes are perfect for practising sugarpaste roses, which you can learn to do from...


Flower gem biscuits(Cakes)

These pretty little one-bite biscuits could be served with tea or coffee, or just enjoyed on their own at any time of day.

Issue 19   

Fondant Fancies(Cakes)

Inspired by Mr Kipling’s limited edition Cocktail Fancies, we’ve adapted our own fondant fancy recipe.


Frozen Oreo Cake(Cakes)

Oreos, the world’s favourite biscuits – or cookies, as they are called in America – have been a teatime treat for over 100 years. We’ve now...

Issue 16   

Gateau Saint Honoré(Cakes)

Saint Honoré is the patron saint of French bakers and pastry chefs and this showstopper of a gâteau is named after him. The choux bun ring is...

Issue 5   

Giant Red Velvet Cupcake(Cakes)

This is perhaps the ultimate cupcake from America, the home of cupcakes. It’s not only its gorgeous colour that reminds you of velvet...


Gravity Cake(Cakes)

This awe-inspiring cake goes against the laws of gravity. Impress everyone with this magical creation that will have them guessing how you...

Issue 16   

Hokey Pokey Cake(Cakes)

Icebox cakes are made up of layers of crisp biscuits and delicious cream for a wonderful no-bake dessert.

Issue 5   

Iced fancies(Cakes)

Iced fancies are delicious, eye-catching mouthfuls of sponge and sugar.


Iced Mini Donuts(Cakes)

Just the right size for small hands, these little iced ring donuts would be the star attraction on the buffet table at a children’s party.


James Bond Cake(Cakes)

Sharp, sleek and achingly cool, this is the ultimate cake to help a committed Bond fan celebrate their birthday. The Spectre-style logo adds a...

Issue 8   

Jelly Bean Rainbow Cake(Cakes)

This fun cake is just right for any celebration. The jelly beans add colour and little bursts of flavour.

Issue 14   

Korean Pepero cake(Cakes)

Why wait until Valentine’s Day to give someone special this fun cake?

Issue 4   

Lemon and Raspberry Rose Cake(Cakes)

To help celebrate Hampton Court’s 500 year anniversary, we’re sharing our fabulous two-tone rose cake recipe using our unique mould!


Lemon and Raspberry Surprise Cupcakes(Cakes)

When your friends bite into one of these cupcakes they’ll be in for a big surprise as hidden in the centre is a generous spoonful of...


Lemon cheesecake with fresh flowers(Cakes)

Pretty as a picture, this delightful cheesecake has a surprise filling of lemon curd and a colourful topping of colourful fresh flowers.

Issue 19   

Lime angel cake(Cakes)

This famous American cake owes its incredibly light texture to the large number of stiffly beaten egg whites used to make it.


Marbled chocolate fudge with pistachios(Cakes)

This marbled version made with dark and white chocolate topped with toasted pistachios gives the classic recipe an elegant new look

Issue 4   

Marshmallow web cake(Cakes)

Lopsided layers of chocolate cake, sticky marshmallow cobwebs and the largest, meanest-looking spider you’ve ever seen – it’s got to be...

Issue 7   


If cupcakes and chocolate teacakes are two of your guilty pleasures, you’ll find these ‘Hi Hat’ cupcakes totally irresistible!


Mini caramel cheesecakes(Cakes)

These melt-in-the-mouth cheesecakes have a chocolate biscuit crumb base, are decorated with swirls of salted caramel and whipped cream and...

Issue 22   

Mini Glazed Donuts(Cakes)

Donuts are naughty-but-nice treats but you don’t need to feel guilty about indulging in these mini versions.

Issue 14   

Mother's Day Cake(Cakes)

This Mother’s Day surprise your Mum with the ultimate designer makeup bag. Complete with bespoke accessories and a beautiful necklace, she’ll ...

Issue 16   

Mud cake with a chocolate collar(Cakes)

Wrapping a filigree chocolate collar around a sponge immediately transforms it from an everyday cake into a party gâteau.

Issue 20   

Painted flowers cake(Cakes)

This pretty cake, would be lovely for a spring or early summer celebration.

Issue 19   

Pinwheel Lemon Cupcakes(Cakes)

No party is complete without a tray of eye-catching cupcakes and these bright, colourful cakes will have everyone coming back for seconds.

Issue 13   

Polka Dot Cake(Cakes)

A fun polka dot cake, decorated with coloured sugarpaste spots, which can be tailored to suit any occasion by changing the colour scheme.

Issue 2   

Primrose Cake(Cakes)

Pretty as a picture, this lovely cake would make a much-admired present for a relative or close female friend.


Raspberry and vanilla mille-feuilles(Cakes)

Layers of melt-in-the-mouth puff pastry, creamy vanilla custard and fresh raspberries, these classic French pastries are the ultimate treat!

Issue 19   

Raspberry Mousse Sponges(Cakes)

This pretty dessert can be made in advance so there is no last minute rush in the kitchen.


Red Velvet Cake(Cakes)

This striking American cake is so called because a large quantity of strong red food colouring is added to the chocolate sponge.

Issue 6   

Red Velvet Valentine Cake(Cakes)

That special someone in your life is sure to be seduced by this lovely cake with its delicate heart motifs and colourful ribbon.

Issue 15   

Reindeer Cupcakes(Cakes)

These lightly spiced cupcakes are topped with cute Rudolph motifs made from sugarpaste, mini pretzels and red chocolate beans.

Issue 9   

Rose and Daisy Cupcakes(Cakes)

These gorgeous cupcakes look so professional but they are really easy to make. You can decorate them for any special occasion!

Issue 1   

Rose Cake(Cakes)

Use your unique silicone rose mould to bake this unusual cake, which is guaranteed to impress guests at a spring or early summer party.

Issue 22   

Rose Gateau(Cakes)

This delicious cake, topped with delicate pastel blooms and scented with fragrant rosewater, would make a stunning centrepiece for a summer party

Issue 1   

Rosh Hashanah Honey Cakes(Cakes)

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these little Rosh Hashanah honey cakes.

Issue 4   


This deliciously dark cake with its silky smooth coating of chocolate icing was invented in Vienna in 1832 by an Austrian chef named Franz Sacher

Issue 19   

Simnel Cake(Cakes)

This light fruit cake, with its layer of marzipan running through the centre, has traditionally been eaten at Easter since Medieval times...

Issue 18   

Spicy carrot cake (Cakes)

Carrot cakes became popular during the Second World War when sugar was rationed and cooks, needed alternatives to sweeten their favourite bakes.

Issue 19   

Spooky Halloween Cakes(Cakes)

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun in the kitchen and these pumpkin-flavoured cakes are no exception. Pumpkin, much like carrots in...


Star-spangled bites(Cakes)

These tiny sponges are light and delicately flavoured – bite-sized perfection!


Striped Birthday Cake(Cakes)

If you really want to celebrate a birthday in style, this striking two-tier cake decorated with pretty candy stripes and spots.

Issue 13   

Summer Festival Flower Cake(Cakes)

This beautiful tiered naked cake, would make the perfect centrepiece for a summer party celebration.

Issue 3   

Swedish Princess Cake (Prinsesstårta)(Cakes)

If you visit Sweden, you’ll find this pretty cake is a familiar sight in bakers’ windows as it’s one of the country’s most popular treats to serv

Issue 20   


Next time friends call round, surprise them with a plate of these gorgeous tea cakes.


Valentine's Cake(Cakes)

A light chocolate sponge coated in rich fudge icing and decorated with flowers makes wonderful use of heart-shaped moulds.


Valentine's Chocolate Gems(Cakes)

The most fun – and the most glamorous – after dinner petits fours ever!


Valentine’s Chocolates(Cakes)

What could be nicer as a Valentine’s gift than chocolates you’ve made yourself?

Issue 15   

Victoria Sponge(Cakes)

The Victoria sponge is the classic British sandwich cake. It’s a light, moist, creamed sponge with a loosely textured crumb.


Witches' hat cupcakes(Cakes)

Cast a spell over witches and wizards with these quirky chocolate cupcakes. We’ve decorated them with swirls of green and purple buttercream...

Issue 7