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Versatile, nutritious and delicious, apples are a common ingredient in many cakes and bakes.



One of the most popular of fruits, especially as a simple snack, this familiar exotic fruit has a sweetness and softness that is perfect for....



For a richness of flavour, in both sweet and savoury baking, you can’t beat a bit of butter



The poet A. E. Housman called the blossoming cherry the ‘loveliest of trees’ and certainly the cherry is one of the loveliest fruits.



Chocolate gives a unique flavour to rich cakes, eclairs, mousses and ice creams.



Coconut flesh, whether fresh or processed into a milk, cream, oil, butter, flour or spirit, adds its own unique flavour to baked recipes.



There are few aromas to beat freshly ground coffee beans so it is small wonder coffee is such a popular drink.



Make the most of these shiny red berries whether fresh, dried or made into a juice, jelly or sauce.


Fabulous Figs()

Figs are sweet, healthy fruits that can provide you with vitamins and minerals and they taste great too.



This versatile setting agent may seem peripheral for bakers, but it is essential for jellies, mousses and terrines.


Gold leaf()

Gold leaf is gold that has been hammered into fine sheets. It has been used for art, architecture and, importantly, in baking and cuisines...

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Honey is made by bees from nectar collected from flowers.


Jams and Preserves()

Jams and preserves are also useful and versatile ingredients in many baked dishes.


Lemons and Limes()

Available all year round, lemons and limes are indispensable in the kitchen.



Endlessly versatile, these nutritious orchard fruits are delicious raw or cooked, in sweet or savoury baked dishes.


Pineapple flavourings()

Sweet and juicy with just the right amount of astringency, pineapple can make a delicious addition to many cakes and bakes.



Raspberries are sweet berries that are a delicious addition to many breakfasts, fruit salads, jams, ice creams, smoothies, drinks and desserts.



In the West, spices were once so highly valued that they were used as currency – you could even pay your rent in peppercorns.


Summer berries()

There’s nothing like a glut of seasonal berries to enhance your baking.