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Transport yourself to Paris in springtime with the latest Bake Box. As all bakes have been designed and created by Anne-Sophie, winner of the French version of the Great British Bake Off, you know that it is filled with authentic French recipes.

Imagine yourself walking around Paris: a crisp blue sky above you, overhanging pearly pink blossoms and the tempting smells of bakeries and patisseries spilling out onto the idyllic French streets. Dream of taking that first bite out of a freshly made macaron or a juicy, sweet fruit tart while you overlook the river Seine. Although actually being in Paris is preferable, you can create some of the romance of Paris in your own kitchen.

This Bake Box includes the tools you need to create delightful French confections such as: heart macarons, tarte aux fraises, calissons, parisienne biscuits, chocolate charlotte and lavender madeleines. Add these recipes to your baking repertoire to make your own Parisian bistro.

We spoke to creator of the Bake Box, Anne-Sophie, to find out what it is about Paris that inspired her and to see if she has any tips for executing the French recipes…


Where did you grow up in France? When did you move to England?

I am 100% Parisian! I did move to London 5 years ago but still have my parents in Paris so I am often on the Eurostar...

What was the inspiration behind the Springtime in Paris Bake Box and the recipes you created?

I wanted to bring a bit of Paris (and a bit of me!) onto your plate. Calissons are my favorite sweets and Tarte aux fraises is my favorite cake, so I had to include those. Madeleines are so french and so easy to make that I always have some in my cupboard for my daughter! The Charlotte au chocolat is an iconic cake and this one has been in my family for ages. The Eiffel tower biscuits are my girly and Parisian touch and, of course, what would be Paris without love and macarons ;-)

What was your favourite recipe to create and make within the box? Why?

Eiffel towers were really fun to create. Cake decoration is my favourite part of baking so I enjoyed adding in all the details, such as drawing the lines and adding some girly pearls on top of those lovely pink biscuits.

What are some tips for executing the bakes in the Bake Box?

Charlotte au chocolat (Chocolate Charlotte) has to be prepared a day before or it won't work! Calissons are super easy to make but allow them to dry so they are easy to cut. The madeleine recipe is great for any flavours, so have fun with it!

Are there any Parisian/French influences you use daily while baking?

While baking and creating recipes, I always try to mix the best of both French and Anglo-saxon influences. There is only one thing I make no concession on and that is to use good quality chocolate (at least 50% cacao) when baking. It is hard to find it in the UK but it is key to any good French and UK pastry. I bring some Nestlé Dessert from France or I buy Lindt Cooking in Waitrose!

Ooh la la! I bet you can’t wait to start creating your own Paris-influenced bakes, I know I can’t! Share your Parisian springtime bakes with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use #bakeclublive and @bakeclublive to be featured.