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‘Healthy’ Desserts

By Bake Club


If you’re anything like me, mixing in some grated carrots into a cake batter is enough to make me feel quite smug. Carrot cake is probably the most successful vegetable cake and the fact that it has a hint of health within it is a tiny bonus.

There are many food trends circling about healthy desserts, and although you’d probably have to take the word ‘healthy’ with a pinch of salt (or sugar), it is interesting to see what alternatives you can use for a healthier treat.


Vegetable cakes

This is an example of something that sounds healthier than it usually is. However, if you can smush in vegetables into an otherwise vegetable-free dish then you’re on the right lines. It may not count as one of your five-a-day but it’ll still have nutrients that you may not otherwise get. It is a good substitute for regular, say, chocolate cake with all the trimmings. Carrot cake can also have dried fruits like raisins or sultanas and some recipes even call for nuts. Other vegetables that can lend themselves to the sweet side include courgettes, parsnips and beetroot, which apparently goes great with chocolate – who knew!


Avocado Mousse

This one seems to be a hit with social media and bloggers. It’s been a few years since avocado has emerged as the new superfood but it is interesting to see how it can be adapted into a dessert. Some recipes simply recommend whizzing up the avocado with some cocoa powder but others add in extra sweeteners such as honey. I think this would be a hard one to get correct, but once finessed you can indulge in all the mousse you want while still getting hold of some of those super nutrients! It is also dairy-free so it’s perfect if you have dietary requirements but still want to treat yourself.


Bitter chocolate

Dark chocolate is very bitter but, as it has less added milk, cream and sugar than its milky and white chocolate friends, it is better for you. Using a high content of cocoa chocolate in baking adds richness to a dish, which also means you probably won’t feel the need to eat loads of it as well!


Coconut Ice Cream

This is another one for the dairy-free or the dairy-free curious. Coconut milk can be used to replace many dairy products. You can buy coconut yoghurt, cream, milk and also ice cream. If you like the taste of coconut then it really is a winner. It’s still creamy like ice cream should be but with a taste of the exotic – lovely!


‘Raw’ tarts

One food trend that is considered to be really healthy is the ‘raw’ food trend. Which basically means you’re allowed to eat anything as long as it’s uncooked and unprocessed. You can use ground up nuts as the base of the tart, bound with medjool dates, honey or coconut oil. Blending soaked nuts until really creamy and smooth and then adding in flavourings can make the cream for the tart. If you’re looking for your next culinary challenge then a raw tart could be a great recipe for you to master.


Fruit salad

If you really want to know you’re getting a good dose of vitamins and nutrients then you can’t go far wrong with a classic fruit salad! Especially when accompanied with a dollop of greek yoghurt and maybe a drizzle of honey if you’re feeling decadent. Nothing can beat this simple dessert for health! Alternatively, dipping fruit in chocolate is a fun way to get your five-a-day.

Go forth and experiment! Let us know how you get on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You might come across a new favourite recipe, or try something you never thought you’d enjoy. Although, also make sure that you’re getting enough of the really good stuff – what’s the fun of baking without being at least a little bit naughty most of the time?