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Chocolate sables Afternoon tea recipe by GBBO winner Edd Kimber()

Afternoon tea recipe by GBBO winner Edd Kimber



It doesn’t just take a dash of red food colouring to make a red velvet cake!

Issue 15   


Aneesh Popart is The (award winning) Chocolatier.

Issue 15   


Rich and nutty, pistachio nuts add a distinct flavour to many dishes – both sweet and savoury.



Only traditional methods are used to create artisan fudge in a variety of innovative flavours.



Japanese Deco rolls inspired our colourful Spotty Swiss roll. Deco rolls are rolled up sponges with bright patterns adorned on the side, which...


A Sparkling Celebration()

Have every celebration be a banging success with firework-themed cakes! Bonfire night is coming around and we all know how exhilarating...

Issue 8   

A Touch of Velvet()

It immediately became a talking point and inevitably divided the cake-loving masses.

Issue 6   

About Linzer Biscuits()

Linzer biscuits are enjoyed all around the world, but their origins are quite humble.

Issue 3   

All That Glitters...()

Nothing adds that vital touch of glamour to homemade chocolates, sugarpasted cakes or modelled decorations, in quite the same way as this.

Issue 6   

An Apple a Day...()

Down the millennia some 2,300 varieties of apple have been cultivated at different times around the world.

Issue 6   

Aux Merveilleux de Fred()

Bake Club discovers Aux Merveilleux de Fred. Everyone deserves a treat!

Issue 2   


With the start of the new academic year what better way to speed your children on their way back to school or university than by baking them a b


Bake Box()

If you haven’t already heard, Bake Box is a brand new subscription box that enables you to bake something new and completely different.

Issue 13   


It is already November and before we know it it’ll be Christmas and the New Year! It is never too soon to start planning for 2016 and th...


Bake club discovers Maître Choux()

We meet the master chef and taste his masterpieces!

Issue 1   

Bake Club's Top Tea Rooms()

We’ve done the hard work and looked up and down the country to seek out some tea room gems that can be enjoyed again and again.


Bake Show Announcement()

Bake Club is the official online baking partner of The Cake & Bake Show, which is being held at ExCel London from 2-4 October.


Bake Your Fashion()

Can’t afford that designer handbag or those exquisite but overly expensive shoes? Don’t panic – we have an answer.

Issue 6   

Baking With Bond: Double Dough Seven()

October 26th is the day of the new James Bond film Spectre premier. In honour of the event our expert baker Angela has created a James Bond...

Issue 8   


Over the weekend Bake Club were at the BBC Bakes & Cakes Show! We had a wonderful time meeting some of you and seeing other talented baker...


BBC Good Food Show()

Bake Club have some exciting news... this weekend we will be at the BBC Good Food Show at London Olympia!

Issue 9   

Become an Expert at Stencilling()

How often have you looked at a beautifully decorated cake and think – ‘I wish I could do that’?


Belle Époque()

Belle Époque is a one-stop-shop – or patisserie – for cakes, chocolates, breads, tarts, quiches, macarons, eclairs and many other treats and....

Issue 10   

Bonfire Night: Give Me S’mores()

There’s a chill in the air and sparks in the sky and hopefully, a few marshmallows toasted over an open fire. Bonfire night marks one of the...

Issue 8   


Bundt cakes are so-called because of the shape of the pan they are baked in.

Issue 13   

Cake Frame()

Cake Frame allows you to build up your cakes to new heights. The easy to use parts allow even a novice handyman (or woman) to create wonderful...

Issue 16   

Cake In A Jar()

Looking for some inspiration for your own cupcake-in-a-jar creation? Look no further! We have joined alliances with the lovely Georgina Webb.

Issue 2   

Celebrate Apples!()

Ciders, pies, cobbler, crumbles and brown bettys – what do all of these things have in common?

Issue 6   


Charlotte Russe recipes may have been around since the 18th century but it doesn’t have to be dated!

Issue 13   

Chinese Lantern Festival()

Happy (Chinese) New Year! Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the lunar calendar – February 8th in the Gregorian calendar.

Issue 14   


You may have seen Choccywoccydoodah on TV making marvellous magical chocolate creations.



There is no doubt that chocolate truffles are delicious. They are a crowd pleaser, the first to go in a box of chocolates and the one to offer...

Issue 11   

Chocolate, ginger and cardamom tea bread()

This chocolate and ginger loaf cake recipe, from award winning and innovative chocolatier Paul A Young, packs a real punch, with crystallised ...


Christmas cakes around the world()

In Britain, a rich fruitcake frosted with snowy royal icing and topped with a sugarpaste Santa, fir trees and team of reindeers, takes pride o...

Issue 11   

Christmas Tradition: Buche de Noel()

There are many different traditions at Christmas, a lot of which revolve around food.

Issue 9   

Christmas Wreath Inspired Baking()

Christmas wreaths are nowadays often used to decorate doors, or fireplaces, but have become quintessentially part of Christmas celebrations.

Issue 9   

Clever ice cubes: 'Icily does it!()

Get creative with ice cubes and jazz up any drink this party season. Ice cubes are important to keep drinks at the optimum drinking...

Issue 12   

Come and meet us at the Show!()

It’s almost time for the Cake & Bake Show and we at Bake Club HQ couldn’t be more excited! This is the first time Bake Club ha...


Competition *TO DELETE - NOT NEEDED*()

Guppy’s Chocolate are giving away a set of chocolate shards to one lucky winner. Win a selection of flavours including peanut butter and hon

Issue 7   


What happens when you put together two of the best breakfast foods: donuts (we are sure this counts as breakfast) and croissants? Cronuts!

Issue 14   


We are happy to announce that – in case you didn’t know – every September there is a whole week dedicated to the delightful little cakes.


Deco Rolls()

Deco rolls are rolled up sponges with bright patterns adorned on the side, which are usually filled with fruits and cream.

Issue 13   

Decorating with Sweets()

o back to your childhood and grab a bag of pic n’ mix because using sweets is a fun way to decorate your bakes. This issue’s anti-gravity cake...

Issue 16   

Dia de los Muertos()

Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a Mexican holiday to honour loved ones who have passed away. The legendary sugar skulls have become...

Issue 8   

Discover the Festival of Roses()

Music, dancing, food and, of course, an abundance of colourful petals and sweet floral scents.



Nothing says fun quite like your own melting pot of delicious chocolate!

Issue 15   

Dobos Torte - Layers of Luxury()

Are you Hungary? Then you need to try the delicious, multi-layered cake made famous by Hungarian chef Josef C. Doboz. The dobos torte is a...

Issue 16   

Edible Flower Guide()

Maddocks Farm Organics are a edible flower farm situated in Devon. They grow organic flowers which can be bought online.

Issue 3   

Endless fun with your Halloween mould!()

Halloween is a time when it is perfectly acceptable to eat lots of sugary treats. It is always worth making sure you get your fill of chocolat...

Issue 7   

Fabulous Fauchon!()

Bake Club's one to one with Fauchon's top chef.

Issue 1   

Fabulous Ice Fires()

We are Fabulous Ice Fires. We are taking a wholly innovative approach to food, retail and leisure on our streets and in our malls.

Issue 3   

Fancy a Cocktail?()

Do you like piña coladas? Because if so we have a treat in store for you!


Fit for a King & Queen()

Her Majesty the Queen is opening the royal doors to the Palace from the 1st August until the 27th September.


Flowerfetti Cakes()

Flowers and petals are a great way to decorate bakes and desserts in a simple but impressive way.

Issue 3   

Food Festival Round-up()

Music festivals may be the ones taking the centre-stage in terms of publicity but why not try a food festival this summer?


Food, Glorious Food()

We love food festivals!


Frozen Winter Berries()

Berries are popular in the summer but they also make a great taste for winter as well!

Issue 9   

Full of Spice()

Bake Club visited Kew Gardens for their Full Of Spice festival this summer.


Fun ways to use gold leaf()

There’s only one thing classier than wearing gold and that is eating it! Gold leaf (or gold foil) looks fabulous and...

Issue 12   

Gateau St Honoré()

The Gateau St Honoré is a grand, showstopping pastry dessert that is named after the French patron saint of pastry chefs, Saint Honoré..

Issue 5   

Gelato Festival()

Bake Club discovers the Gelato Festival Here comes the sun!

Issue 3   


Pepero Day is celebrated on the 11th of November in South Korea and has been each year since 1994.


Guppy's Chocolates()

There are many ways to enjoy chocolate and sometimes it’s even nice to share with friends and family – if you’re feeling generous! Chocolate...

Issue 7   

Halloween Bark()

CHOCOLATE BARK – DELICIOUS! There are many ways to enjoy chocolate and sometimes it’s even nice to share with friends and family ...


Halloween Mould()

Endless fun with your Halloween mould!   Halloween is a time when it is perfectly acceptable to eat lots of sugary treats. It is always...



Chocolate arrived in England in the 1650s and since then has become a treat enjoyed by many. Considered very much a luxury for the aristocrats...


Have a Merry Cupcake Christmas!()

If traditional fruitcake is not a favourite with your family, a plate of fun cupcakes is guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

Issue 9   


Did you know that the Middle Age tradition was to eat blancmange if you felt unwell?

Issue 15   

How to make creative Halloween treats (for adults & children)()

Treats for Halloween   NO TRICKS, JUST TREATS Get all the family into the Halloween spirit with our suitably ghoulish party food. &nb...;


How to make creative Halloween treats (for adults & children)()

Get all the family into the Halloween spirit with our suitably ghoulish party food.

Issue 7   

How to make perfect Cake Pops()

How did the cake pop bonanza begin and why did these small balls of sponge cake dipped in a sweet coating and served on sticks become so popular?


How to shape sponges()

Unusually shaped cakes make eye-catching gifts or centrepieces that will be great talking points at parties. You don’t always need special pans..

Issue 7   


The Hummingbird Bakery is an American-style bakery nestled in the heart of London.

Issue 15   

Ice Cream Comes of Age()

While cornets and choc ices will never lose their popularity, there is a growing demand for frozen desserts in more sophisticated flavours...

Issue 5   

Ice ‘n’ Easy Does It()

Icebox cakes have been around for a long time. First created in America by a baker with a sweet tooth during World War I.

Issue 5   


Step into La Pâtisserie Des Rêves and you step into a magical haven of beautiful patisserie and pastries, shrouded in elegance and...


It's patisserie week on GBBO ()

This week the Great British Bake Off contestants are tackling patisserie.


Jelly with a Kick()

It’s summer and for a lot of us and that means relaxing in the warm evenings with a cool glass of our favourite tipple.

Issue 3   

Juliet Stallwood Cakes and Biscuits()

Christmas is the perfect time to experiment in the kitchen. There is nothing quite like freshly baked treats, warm from the oven.

Issue 9   

King of the cakes: Galette des Rois()

Calling all you wannabe Kings and Queens! The galette des rois is a cake fit for royalty. It has many names including King’s Cake or Thr...

Issue 12   


First there were cupcakes, then came cake pops and whoopie pies, but now if you want to give a sweet treat to a special friend or loved one, the

Issue 11   

Magnificent Tarte Bourdaloue()

When it comes to French baking, there are many classic recipes. It is hard to choose a favourite as they are all so good in their own ways.

Issue 6   

Maid of Gingerbread()

We raved about gingerbread a few months ago in our Chocolate and Ginger special and now that it’s winter we feel we have to rave so...

Issue 11   

Marvellous Merveilleux!()

Frédéric Vaucamps, the founder of Aux Merveilleux de Fred, has always been inspired by the delicacy of the Merveilleux cake.

Issue 2   

Meet Linda Hewett()

A frequent festival foodie, and founder of Fulbeck Bread, Linda Hewett, has kindly taken the time to answer some of our questions



Anne-Sophie is the baker behind the delightful red and white gingerbread house in this issue – the hands in the video are hers!

Issue 11   


Gingerbread is a lovely thing; warmly spiced it often reminds us of winter and snuggling down on cold days. It is so wonderful that it should ...


Meringue Kisses by Emma Marsden()

This week is all about creating eye-catching and exciting food experiences and an example of that is this charming recipe by Emma Marsden, below


Mother's Day()

A Sunday dedicated to mothers doesn’t seem like an adequate amount of time, so make sure you make this Mother’s Day one of the best! This year...

Issue 16   

Ms Marmite's Spicy Teacake Recipe()

Recipe extracted from Ms Marmite Lover’s Secret Tea Party by Kerstin Rodgers, published by Square Peg



On the 22nd October it is national Nut Day, which is the perfect time to use them in your baking. The lady to inspire you is…The Nutty Baker!


Not just a mere trifle!()

For a dessert that just screams ‘Christmas!’, trifle must run a close second in popularity to traditional plum pudding. It is a lighter...

Issue 10   

Ognisko Restaurant()

It is coming up to New Year party season and canapés are a great way to feed a lot of guests. A sit-down meal can be time-consuming to make but w

Issue 12   

Oreo Take Over()

ince landing in the UK in 2008, almost 100 years since its creation in 1912, Oreos have been everywhere. The best-selling cookie in the USA...

Issue 16   

Origami, Poetry and Baking()

Origami Poetry Café is a concept unlike any other, which combines three creative mediums – writing, origami, and, of course, baking.


Origins of Matcha()

Traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, this green powder is proving to be a popular new ingredient in baking.


Pancake Day!()

Get your frying pans ready because it’s not long before it’s Pancake Day – 9th February to be exact!

Issue 14   

Paul A. Young Chocolates: Rich, Tasty & Innovative()

If you want rich, tasty, and innovative – and did I mention award winning? – chocolate then we have the man for you.

Issue 6   

Pierre Marcolini()

Pierre Marcolini is a chocolatier from Belgium and opened his first store in Brussels in 1995. This year he has opened a store in London.

Issue 9   


Have you ever tried to recreate little pinwheels and windmills in sugarpaste?

Issue 13   

POP goes the cake…()

Cake pops are becoming increasingly popular. They are exciting, tasty and bite-sized: the greatest party treat! Cake pops are quirky and inject f

Issue 10   


How spooky is that? Just as we associate November 5th with fireworks and parkin gingerbread, so Halloween is all about toffee apples and pump...


Pumpkins at Halloween()

Just as we associate November 5th with fireworks and parkin gingerbread, so Halloween is all about toffee apples and pumpkins carved into...

Issue 7   

Reaching new heights: the croquembouche()

If you’re looking for something truly impressive – and have a lot of patience – then the croquembouche is the perfect show-s...

Issue 11   

Realistic Flowers()

Flowers may be a great way to decorate cakes but there is something really impressive about floral decorations that look super realistic.

Issue 3   

Rocky Road()

Rocky road is a glorious mixing pot of all the little odds and ends of everyone’s beloved sugary treats. The best part is that it can be...

Issue 12   


Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year which falls on first day of the Jewish month Tishrei and lasts until the second day.

Issue 4   

Sorbet Flavours()

Sorbet is a great alternative to ice cream and frozen yogurt. As it’s made with water that is sweetened with flavouring, it is also considered...

Issue 5   

Spice Mountain()

Founded by Magali Russie and her partner Matt Norris, their spice blends aim to bring fresh spice mixes straight to your dishes.


Spice up your Sweet bakes()

Many of the spices we normally associate with savoury dishes can also be added to sweet bakes, giving an interesting and exciting new twist.


Spiced Chai Cake by former GBBO semi-finalist Chetna Makan()

This week is all about spices as we are always keen to find new ways to incorporate flavour into our bakes.



This lightly spiced St Clement’s Cake from The English Provender Co. has the perfect mix of ginger and lemon for a delightful treat. It ...


Stained glass window cakes()

As we’ve discovered, Bake Club has many members who are very talented cake makers and who love sharing their decorating ideas with each ...

Issue 11   

Striking Spots & Stripes()

Baking is becoming increasingly fashionable and new decorative techniques are changing the way we view baking.

Issue 13   

Success with Sugar()

Creating decorations using sugar can seem like a scary prospect but don’t let nerves put you off having a go. You don’t have to create a...

Issue 8   


You’ll need to buy a selection of brushes as different types are needed for creating different sugarcraft effects.


Sugared Saffron()

Beautiful and elegant, even looking at wedding cakes is enough to wish you were getting married. What once was a traditional fruitcake has now...

Issue 14   


An easy – but highly effective – way to decorate a celebration cake is to wrap it with an edible ribbon and top it with a bow. Sugarpaste...

Issue 10   

Summer, the Season of Roses()

The rose season has started to fade for the year and the beautiful English rose gardens have begun to shut their doors until next year.


Sweet Ambs Wedding Biscuits()

Wedding cupcakes are a trendy accompaniment to wedding cakes but we think wedding biscuits are the next big thing…

Issue 14   

The Allure of the Tarte au Citron()

Sukanya Rahman is a talented artist, and luckily for us has a keen eye for baking as well! This week we have featured a classic recipe.

Issue 2   

The Beginning of Pimm's™()

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold glass of Pimm’s™ on a lovely summer’s day? Since the beginning of Pimm’s™ it has fast become quintessentially British.

Issue 3   

The history of mince pies ()

Mince pies often mark the beginning of the Christmas season. There is nothing quite like the first mince pie of the year, especially if its accom

Issue 10   


Panettone is an Italian Christmas bread, which dates back to the 15th century. It is a cylindrical sweet bread filled with fruit. It is often...

Issue 10   

The Marshmallowist()

Oonagh Sims is The Marshmallowist. After training in France to become a chocolatier and pâtissière she returned to London to find that...

Issue 7   

The Wonders of Marshmallow with Belinda Clark()

This issue we are celebrating the wonders of marshmallow. Marshmallows are a childhood favourite and often when we think of marshmallows we...

Issue 7   

Time for Afternoon Tea Week()

Afternoon Tea Week aims to celebrate the origins of afternoon tea, pulling in tourists, locals and tea enthusiasts alike.


Time for Tea()

We have Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and Queen Victoria’s Lady of the Bedchamber, to thank for introducing us to the delights of afternoon te


Tips with Buttercream()

Buttercream is great, whether you use it for decorating, sandwiching sponges together or just eating. It can be a bit tricky to get right...

Issue 16   


BONFIRE NIGHT: GIVE ME S’MORES   There’s a chill in the air and sparks in the sky and hopefully, a few marshmallows toasted...

Issue 8   

Top toffee apple treats!()

Top toffee apple treats!  It’s the time of year for toffee apples and Bake Club wants to share the story of Ballards at Stud Fruit...



In this issue we have tons of ideas for Valentine’s Day!

Issue 15   


From the 7th-13th of December Wallace and Gromit are hosting their Big Bake charity event!


We Love Summer Cocktails()

Bake Club visited the Cocktail in the City festival in London: a unique showcase for classy cocktails and even classier bartenders!


Weird and Wonderful Jelly Beans()

Jelly Beans can come in a wide variety of weird and wonderful flavours – Harry Potter and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans; I’m looking at you.

Issue 14   


Although Hampton Court are celebrating 500 years this year, there is a slightly younger part of Hampton Court that we would like to pay attent...


Welcome to the Circus()

Battling with other shows that the West End has to offer, Circus provides unique entertainment while serving delicious Pan-Asian inspired food.


What a Pear!()

The ancient Greeks and Romans revered them for their aphrodisiac properties, eating them both raw and cooked.

Issue 6   

What a weekend!()

What a weekend! Thank you for joining us! From the 2-4 October Bake Club were lucky enough to have a stand at the Cake & Bake Show in Lon...


Working with Marzipan()

Marzipan is a versatile ingredient as it can be used not just for covering large and small cakes

Issue 10