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Berry ice cubes(Ices)

If you’re throwing a party, these fruity ice cubes are a great way to add a touch of glamour not just to cocktails but soft drinks as well. We’re

Issue 12   

Bramley Apple Sorbet(Ices)

This light and attractive dessert is a perfect way to end a dinner party. A refreshing sorbet is always a winner and if you serve it in...

Issue 5   

Caramel and pear sorbet profiteroles(Ices)

This variation on traditional profiteroles fills the choux buns with a refreshing pear sorbet and accompanies them with a salted caramel...

Issue 12   

Deluxe Chocolate Ice Lollies(Ices)

It won’t be just the kids who are pestering you for these stylish lollies – all the grown ups will want one, too!

Issue 5   

Fruits of the forest yoghurt lollies(Ices)

Made with tangy Greek yoghurt and fresh berries, we’ve also added condensed milk to make them richer and creamier.

Issue 20   

Italian Terrine(Ices)

Layers of blackberry ice cream, crushed amaretti biscuits and white chocolate ice cream make this the perfect dessert for a special occasion.

Issue 3