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Rose blancmange(Desserts)

Smooth and creamy, the blancmange will be popular with all the family.

Issue 15   

Apple rose tart(Desserts)

Transform a simple tart with a creamy custard filling into a bouquet of beautiful roses.


Apple Rose Tart(Desserts)

Transform a simple tart with a creamy custard filling into a bouquet of beautiful roses by topping it with delicate blooms of apple.

Issue 6   

Baked Lemon Cheesecake(Desserts)

Who can resist a rich smooth cheesecake topped with summer fruits and a tangy raspberry coulis?


Banoffee pie with chocolate lattice(Desserts)

Created in 1971 by the chef at the The Hungry Monk restaurant in Sussex after he found a similar American recipe unreliable, this indulgent...

Issue 8   

Blossom jellies(Desserts)

These eye-catching desserts, made in your unique silicone flower mould from Bake Box 3.


Blueberry Charlotte(Desserts)

Guests will go dotty over this colourful confection that makes a super dessert.

Issue 13   

Blueberry Pie(Desserts)

This American classic has never looked so good.


Bourdaloue Tartlets(Desserts)

These classic French tartlets are particularly popular during the autumn months when pears are in season and plentiful.

Issue 6   

Carnival Blossom Jellies(Desserts)

Sitting on crisp lemon shortbread biscuits, they can be served on their own or with extra raspberries.


Cheesecake Easter Eggs(Desserts)

For a fun Easter dessert that all the family will love, you won’t find anything better than these irresistible chocolate eggs. The shells are...

Issue 18   

Chocolate charlotte(Desserts)

This traditional dessert is given a new twist with its delicious filling of rich, dark chocolate mousse.

Issue 17   

Cranberry and orange trifle(Desserts)

Trifle has long been one of our favourite puds but the trifles our grandmothers made for Sunday tea were never like this!

Issue 10   

Fig Meringue Roulade(Desserts)

We have reinvented this favourite dessert by filling the meringue with tangy fruit, thick Greek yoghurt and creamy mascarpone. Fresh figs...

Issue 5   

Flower jellies(Desserts)

Shimmering like the finest crystal, these jellies are made in your flower mould and would be a beautifully light finale to a special meal.

Issue 22   

Ice cream cookie sandwiches(Desserts)

Delicious vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies has got to be one of the family’s favourite summer treats.


Jewelled Pavlova(Desserts)

Whipped cream and fresh fruit are the traditional toppings for a Pavlova, one of the world’s most popular desserts.

Issue 1   

Matcha Sponges(Desserts)

Japanese matcha green tea powder adds vibrancy and a new twist to a traditional sponge in these elegant little cakes.

Issue 1   

Mint Chocolate Log(Desserts)

In France the traditional Christmas cake is a chocolate log, what the French call a Bûche de Noël, and it is assembled in a special log pan.

Issue 9   

Molten Chocolate Pyramids(Desserts)

A perennial favourite, these gooey puddings have molten chocolate centres.


Pavlova Wreath(Desserts)

Forget about the front door, this gorgeous wreath is definitely one for decorating the dinner table.

Issue 9   

Pimm's™ and Lemonade Striped Jelly(Desserts)

A summery dessert that’s strictly for adults only! This a sophisticated dessert to serve at a party or BBQ in the garden.

Issue 3   

Pina Colada Cheesecake with Pineapple Flowers(Desserts)

We’ve topped this Pina Colada cheesecake with beautiful dried pineapple flowers, which you can learn how to make by watching our video.

Issue 4   

Pineapple upside-down cake(Desserts)

This delicious upside-down cake, with juicy and tropical pineapples, is perfect for summer.


Polka Dot Swiss Roll(Desserts)

Inspired by Japanese deco rolls – which you can read about here – this cake is made from different coloured batters to make the polka dot design.

Issue 13   

Raspberry Meringue Roulade(Desserts)

A light meringue rolled around a filling of flavoured whipped cream and fresh raspberries makes an attractive and satisfying dessert.


Red berry lattice tart(Desserts)

This classic fruit tart has a soft crumbly pastry and is filled with a medley of lightly sweetened berries.


St Clement's Sponges(Desserts)

‘Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clement’s’, so starts the famous British nursery, and these soft little sponges are deliciously tangy.


Striped chocolate cheesecake brownies(Desserts)

A brownie base with a cheesecake middle and a decadent dark and white chocolate topping – naughty but very nice!


Tarte Au Citron(Desserts)

This classic French tart makes a wonderfully refreshing dessert or it could be served as part of a formal teatime spread.

Issue 2   

Tarte Aux Fraises(Desserts)

Paris wouldn’t be Paris without its pâtisserie shops and their mouthwatering displays of jewel-like fruit tarts and elaborately decorated gâteaux

Issue 17   

Tiramasu Cake(Desserts)

This lovely light cake, enclosed with lady fingers and topped with shavings of dark chocolate, is inspired by the classic Italian dessert.

Issue 3   

Trembling Jellies(Desserts)

The only way to round off a Halloween meal is with a suitably scary dessert and this one simply can’t stop shaking. These jolly jellies are...

Issue 7   

Triple chocolate mousse(Desserts)

There’s something for everyone with a triple chocolate mousse and simple handmade dark chocolate decorations really add a special twist.

Issue 14