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Bow-topped panettone(Breads)

No Italian Christmas is complete without panettone, the tall, icing sugar-dusted sweet bread that was originally a speciality of Milan but is...

Issue 10   


A light, sweet bread with a soft crumb from France that can be eaten plain, spread with butter and jam or drizzled with honey.


Italian-Style Tea Bread(Breads)

Enriched with olive oil and sweetened with fruit, this deliciously light tea bread is essentially a sweet version of focaccia.


Mini Seeded Loaves(Breads)

Making your own bread is enormously satisfying and very easy, so there’s no need for a bread making machine.


Olive, Herb and Parmesan Loaf(Breads)

Just the smell of this savoury loaf, packed with cheese, herbs, olives and pimento peppers will make your mouth water!


Scandinavian Rye Bread(Breads)

Rye bread is popular throughout the European continent and there are many regional variations.


Tsoureki: Greek Easter Bread(Breads)

In Greece, this sweet bread is known as Tsoureki and it is traditionally decorated with coloured eggs and baked in a crow...

Issue 18   

Two-bite Canapé Rolls(Breads)

Hand a tray of these mini rolls around with drinks and your party is guaranteed to go with a swing.