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4th July Cupcakes in a Jar(Cakes)

These patriotic blue and red vanilla cupcakes, layered in jars with cream cheese frosting, are perfect treats for an Independence Day party!

Issue 2   

Afternoon tea cupcakes(Sugarcraft)

If you’re planning a tea party and really want to amuse your guests, a tray of these cute cupcakes are guaranteed to bring a broad smile to every


Apple rose tart(Desserts)

Transform a simple tart with a creamy custard filling into a bouquet of beautiful roses.


Apple Rose Tart(Desserts)

Transform a simple tart with a creamy custard filling into a bouquet of beautiful roses by topping it with delicate blooms of apple.

Issue 6   

Autumn Leaves Cake(Chocolate)

This impressive cake with its decoration of chocolate leaves and a striking chocolate flower on top would make a beautiful centrepiece.

Issue 6   

Baked Lemon Cheesecake(Desserts)

Who can resist a rich smooth cheesecake topped with summer fruits and a tangy raspberry coulis?


Banoffee pie with chocolate lattice(Desserts)

Created in 1971 by the chef at the The Hungry Monk restaurant in Sussex after he found a similar American recipe unreliable, this indulgent...

Issue 8   

Blackboard Cake(Cakes)

This stylish cake may not have much in common with the average classroom but it is certainly a lot more exciting!

Issue 4   

Blueberry Pie(Desserts)

This American classic has never looked so good.


Bonfire night cupcakes(Cakes)

Topped with ruffles of chocolate buttercream and dancing golden flames, these bright and beautiful cupcakes will set any bonfire party ablaze.

Issue 8   

Bourbon Biscuit Puddings(Biscuits)

Inspired by a classic teatime favourite, these biscuit puddings are a lot of fun both to make and eat and they taste delicious.


Bourdaloue Tartlets(Desserts)

These classic French tartlets are particularly popular during the autumn months when pears are in season and plentiful.

Issue 6   

Bow tie cake pops(Cakes)

Bows can be seen on the red carpet and the catwalk, plus they’re favourite accessories for A-listers everywhere.

Issue 10   

Bow-topped panettone(Breads)

No Italian Christmas is complete without panettone, the tall, icing sugar-dusted sweet bread that was originally a speciality of Milan but is...

Issue 10   

Bramley Apple Sorbet(Ices)

This light and attractive dessert is a perfect way to end a dinner party. A refreshing sorbet is always a winner and if you serve it in...

Issue 5   


A light, sweet bread with a soft crumb from France that can be eaten plain, spread with butter and jam or drizzled with honey.


Brush embroidery biscuits(Biscuits)

We’ve topped our biscuits using five different shades of sugarpaste and piped all decorations in white royal icing

Issue 4   

Cake Pops(Cakes)

Cake pops are a fun and delicious cross between a cake and a lollipop.


Caramel Profiteroles(Patisserie)

Simple and delicious, profiteroles are a happy combination of light choux pastry, sweet whipped cream and a luxurious caramel sauce topping.


Caribbean Christmas cake(Cakes)

Enjoy a taste of the tropics this Christmas by making this colourful iced ring instead of a traditional cake.

Issue 11   

Carnival Blossom Jellies(Desserts)

Sitting on crisp lemon shortbread biscuits, they can be served on their own or with extra raspberries.


Champagne truffles(Sweets)

We guarantee no guest will refuse these festive truffles. The wickedly dark chocolate and champagne centres are coated with smooth white chocolat

Issue 11   

Charlotte Royale(Cakes)

Charlotte Royale is made by setting a thick custard called a Bavarois in a dome-shaped mould lined with thin slices of Swiss roll. It is a...

Issue 5   

Cherry Streusel Traybake(Cakes)

This moist cherry cake has a crunchy streusel topping that is spiced with warm cinnamon.

Issue 2   

Chocolate and Chestnut Roulade(Chocolate)

Desserts don’t get more impressive or wickedly chocolatey than this! All your guests will be coming back for a second slice of this roulade.


Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts(Patisserie)

These individual tarts are just as good as they look.


Chocolate Caramel Shell Cakes(Chocolate)

These chocolate cupcakes are topped with a salted caramel flavoured buttercream and decorated with a shimmering sugarpaste shells.


Chocolate Pyramids(Chocolate)

However well they have dined, few guests will be able to resist one of these elegant chocolate pyramids.

Issue 9   

Chocolate Tea Cakes(Chocolate)

Have fun making giant versions of an old favourite using a domed silicone pan. We think this is a sure case of bigger is better.


Christmas gift boxes cake(Sugarcraft)

Not many presents stacked under the tree will look as inviting as these parcel cakes.

Issue 10   

Christmas marzipan délice(Sweets)

Marzipan fruits are a Christmas tradition but why stick to just fruits when you can make something a bit more special for the festive season?

Issue 10   

Christmas Tree Cookies(Biscuits)

Delight your family this Christmas by creating this mini winter wonderland as an extra festive treat.

Issue 9   

Classic Victoria Sandwich(Cakes)

This traditional sponge is a must for any baker’s repertoire and is perfect for any occasion.


Cranberry and orange trifle(Desserts)

Trifle has long been one of our favourite puds but the trifles our grandmothers made for Sunday tea were never like this!

Issue 10   


This spectacular pyramid of choux buns, filled with crème pâtissière and wrapped in a gossamer web of spun sugar, is traditionally made in France

Issue 11   

Day of the Dead Biscuits(Biscuits)

Mexico’s Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is an annual holiday when friends and family remember loved ones who have died. Towns and...

Issue 8   

Deluxe Chocolate Ice Lollies(Ices)

It won’t be just the kids who are pestering you for these stylish lollies – all the grown ups will want one, too!

Issue 5   

Doily Linzer Biscuits(Biscuits)

Delicate cut-outs, inspired by lace doilies, decorate the tops of these crisp hazelnut biscuits that are filled with raspberry jam and dusted.

Issue 3   

Elegant Iced Cupcakes(Cakes)

These little cupcakes with their delicate sugarpaste icing have been baked with grown-ups in mind and for special occasions.


Exotic Fruit Tea Ring(Cakes)

This tea bread is lightly spiced with cinnamon and ginger and topped with tropical fruit for an exciting twist.


Fig Meringue Roulade(Desserts)

We have reinvented this favourite dessert by filling the meringue with tangy fruit, thick Greek yoghurt and creamy mascarpone. Fresh figs...

Issue 5   

Filigree Biscuits(Biscuits)

No one can resist a rich, buttery biscuit that breaks with a satisfying crunch when you bite into it and then just melts in the mouth.


Fireworks cake(Cakes)

If you really want your Guy Fawkes’ party to go with a bang, look no further than this unique cake. The glittering fireworks shooting out of...

Issue 8   

Floral Cupcakes(Cakes)

These beautifully decorated and subtle floral-flavoured cupcakes are perfect for practising sugarpaste roses, which you can learn to do from...


Florentine Chocolates(Chocolate)

For the perfect present, look no further than these mini florentines baked in different shapes using a chocolate mould and beautifully decorated.


Flowerpot Cupcakes(Sugarcraft)

Next time a relative or special friend is celebrating their birthday what better way to say it with flowers, especially when they're edible!

Issue 3   

Fondant Fancies(Cakes)

Inspired by Mr Kipling’s limited edition Cocktail Fancies, we’ve adapted our own fondant fancy recipe.


Gateau Saint Honoré(Cakes)

Saint Honoré is the patron saint of French bakers and pastry chefs and this showstopper of a gâteau is named after him. The choux bun ring is...

Issue 5   

Giant Red Velvet Cupcake(Cakes)

This is perhaps the ultimate cupcake from America, the home of cupcakes. It’s not only its gorgeous colour that reminds you of velvet...


Gingerbread house(Patisserie)

Inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm, this exquisite gingerbread house will make any child’s Christmas magical.

Issue 11   

Golden Glow Toffee Apples(Sweets)

These super sophisticated gilded toffee apples are guaranteed to make any firework party go off with a bang. Choose even-sized dessert apples...

Issue 8   

Green Tomato Tarte Tatin(Savouries)

Flavourful green tomatoes are caramelised in a pan, topped with puff pastry, baked, then turned over to make a delicious savoury tarte.


Halloween bakes(Biscuits)

Use your Halloween moulds to bake fun cookies and cakes, then decorate them with piped icing or by covering them with chocolate.


Halloween Bark(Chocolate)

Chocolate bark is a thin sheet of chocolate topped with nuts, dried fruits or small sweets that is snapped into smaller shards to serve.

Issue 7   

Hand rolled chocolate truffles(Chocolate)

Drizzled with a little plain chocolate, these hand rolled chocolate truffles make a perfect gift. They will keep for up to two weeks if stored...


Handbag Biscuits(Biscuits)

Even if you can't afford the real thing, you can still treat yourself and your pals to the latest designer handbags in every style and colour.

Issue 6   

Hokey Pokey Cake(Cakes)

Icebox cakes are made up of layers of crisp biscuits and delicious cream for a wonderful no-bake dessert.

Issue 5   

Holly leaf mince pies(Patisserie)

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a plate of mince pies and even the best shop bought ones can’t compare with ones you’ve made your...

Issue 10   

Iced fancies(Cakes)

Iced fancies are delicious, eye-catching mouthfuls of sponge and sugar.


Iced Mini Donuts(Cakes)

Just the right size for small hands, these little iced ring donuts would be the star attraction on the buffet table at a children’s party.


Iced Pepparkakor(Biscuits)

These crisp, spicy biscuits are a great favourite in Sweden, where pepparkakor translates as ‘pepper biscuits’.


Italian Spinach and Ricotta Pie(Savouries)

This classic Italian pie is delicious served hot or cold. The scrunched golden top is easy to make and looks fabulous.


Italian Terrine(Ices)

Layers of blackberry ice cream, crushed amaretti biscuits and white chocolate ice cream make this the perfect dessert for a special occasion.

Issue 3   

Italian-Style Tea Bread(Breads)

Enriched with olive oil and sweetened with fruit, this deliciously light tea bread is essentially a sweet version of focaccia.


James Bond Cake(Cakes)

Sharp, sleek and achingly cool, this is the ultimate cake to help a committed Bond fan celebrate their birthday. The Spectre-style logo adds a...

Issue 8   

Jewelled Pavlova(Desserts)

Whipped cream and fresh fruit are the traditional toppings for a Pavlova, one of the world’s most popular desserts.

Issue 1   

Korean Pepero cake(Cakes)

Why wait until Valentine’s Day to give someone special this fun cake?

Issue 4   


Germany’s favourite festive cookies are Lebkuchen, which means ginger biscuits.


Lemon and Raspberry Rose Cake(Cakes)

To help celebrate Hampton Court’s 500 year anniversary, we’re sharing our fabulous two-tone rose cake recipe using our unique mould!


Lemon and Raspberry Surprise Cupcakes(Cakes)

When your friends bite into one of these cupcakes they’ll be in for a big surprise as hidden in the centre is a generous spoonful of...


Marbled chocolate fudge with pistachios(Cakes)

This marbled version made with dark and white chocolate topped with toasted pistachios gives the classic recipe an elegant new look

Issue 4   

Marshmallow treats(Sweets)

These psychedelic marshmallow wands, made in your unique mould and served on vividly patterned straws, are guaranteed to be the star of an...

Issue 7   

Marshmallow web cake(Cakes)

Lopsided layers of chocolate cake, sticky marshmallow cobwebs and the largest, meanest-looking spider you’ve ever seen – it’s got to be...

Issue 7   

Matcha Sponges(Desserts)

Japanese matcha green tea powder adds vibrancy and a new twist to a traditional sponge in these elegant little cakes.

Issue 1   

Mediterranean Vegetable Stacks(Savouries)

Next time you need a colourful vegetable dish, use your pastry rings to create these striking towers.


Meringue gourds(Sweets)

These crisp, crunchy meringue gourds might look difficult to make but all you need is a paintbrush and orange and green gel food colourings to...

Issue 7   

Merveilleux Meringues(Sweets)

These delectable little meringues, sandwiched and coated with whipped cream, were originally from Belgium but their popularity quickly spread.

Issue 2   

Mini Cheesecake Tartlets(Patisserie)

These dainty tartlets look really elegant as part of a party buffet spread.


Mini Citrus Macarons(Patisserie)

Macarons are fast becoming the most popular petit fours to serve with after dinner coffee and these miniature versions can’t fail to delight.


Mini French Éclairs(Patisserie)

Learn to create these delicate, striped mini eclairs, filled with vanilla-scented crème pâtissière and decorated with pastel-tinted fondant icing

Issue 1   

Mini Seeded Loaves(Breads)

Making your own bread is enormously satisfying and very easy, so there’s no need for a bread making machine.


Mint Chocolate Log(Desserts)

In France the traditional Christmas cake is a chocolate log, what the French call a Bûche de Noël, and it is assembled in a special log pan.

Issue 9   

Mocha Latte Cake(Chocolate)

Why have a round or square cake when you can have this funky triangular shaped cake instead?


Mocha Nanaimo Bars(Biscuits)

These no-bake bars from Canada are named after the west coast city of Nanaimo in British Columbia.

Issue 1   

Molten Chocolate Pyramids(Desserts)

A perennial favourite, these gooey puddings have molten chocolate centres.



Sometimes known as cream slices, Napoleons are a variation on millefeuille.


Olive, Herb and Parmesan Loaf(Breads)

Just the smell of this savoury loaf, packed with cheese, herbs, olives and pimento peppers will make your mouth water!


Parma Ham, Fig and Ricotta Tarts(Savouries)

If you haven’t tried the flavour combination of sweet figs with salty cured ham before, you are in for a treat.


Pavlova Wreath(Desserts)

Forget about the front door, this gorgeous wreath is definitely one for decorating the dinner table.

Issue 9   

Pimm's™ and Lemonade Striped Jelly(Desserts)

A summery dessert that’s strictly for adults only! This a sophisticated dessert to serve at a party or BBQ in the garden.

Issue 3   

Pina Colada Cheesecake with Pineapple Flowers(Desserts)

We’ve topped this Pina Colada cheesecake with beautiful dried pineapple flowers, which you can learn how to make by watching our video.

Issue 4   

Pistachio and rose macarons(Biscuits)

These delicate pistachio and rose macarons are so elegant they will delight guests at even the most sophisticated party.

Issue 11   

Polka Dot Cake(Cakes)

A fun polka dot cake, decorated with coloured sugarpaste spots, which can be tailored to suit any occasion by changing the colour scheme.

Issue 2   

Primrose Cake(Cakes)

Pretty as a picture, this lovely cake would make a much-admired present for a relative or close female friend.


Raspberry Meringue Roulade(Desserts)

A light meringue rolled around a filling of flavoured whipped cream and fresh raspberries makes an attractive and satisfying dessert.


Raspberry Mousse Sponges(Cakes)

This pretty dessert can be made in advance so there is no last minute rush in the kitchen.


Red Velvet Cake(Cakes)

This striking American cake is so called because a large quantity of strong red food colouring is added to the chocolate sponge.

Issue 6   

Reindeer Cupcakes(Cakes)

These lightly spiced cupcakes are topped with cute Rudolph motifs made from sugarpaste, mini pretzels and red chocolate beans.

Issue 9   

Rose and Daisy Cupcakes(Cakes)

These gorgeous cupcakes look so professional but they are really easy to make. You can decorate them for any special occasion!

Issue 1   

Rose Gateau(Cakes)

This delicious cake, topped with delicate pastel blooms and scented with fragrant rosewater, would make a stunning centrepiece for a summer party

Issue 1   

Rosh Hashanah Honey Cakes(Cakes)

Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these little Rosh Hashanah honey cakes.

Issue 4   

Scandinavian Rye Bread(Breads)

Rye bread is popular throughout the European continent and there are many regional variations.


Spooky Halloween Cakes(Cakes)

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun in the kitchen and these pumpkin-flavoured cakes are no exception. Pumpkin, much like carrots in...


St Clement's Sponges(Desserts)

‘Oranges and lemons say the bells of St Clement’s’, so starts the famous British nursery, and these soft little sponges are deliciously tangy.


Stained glass cake(Sugarcraft)

Bold and brightly coloured, this beautiful cake is guaranteed to be the talking point at any party.

Issue 11   

Stained Glass Cookies(Biscuits)

Add some fun to your baking with these novelty cookies. They are easy to make and look fantastic.


Star-spangled bites(Cakes)

These tiny sponges are light and delicately flavoured – bite-sized perfection!


Sugarpaste Baubles(Sugarcraft)

One look at these beautiful baubles and your guests will wonder why they’re not playing a starring role on the tree.

Issue 9   

Summer Festival Flower Cake(Cakes)

This beautiful tiered naked cake, would make the perfect centrepiece for a summer party celebration.

Issue 3   

Tarte Au Citron(Desserts)

This classic French tart makes a wonderfully refreshing dessert or it could be served as part of a formal teatime spread.

Issue 2   

Tiramasu Cake(Desserts)

This lovely light cake, enclosed with lady fingers and topped with shavings of dark chocolate, is inspired by the classic Italian dessert.

Issue 3   

Trembling Jellies(Desserts)

The only way to round off a Halloween meal is with a suitably scary dessert and this one simply can’t stop shaking. These jolly jellies are...

Issue 7   

Turkish Delight(Sweets)

Sugar-dusted squares of Turkish delight, flavoured with fragrant rosewater and piled high on copper trays.

Issue 2   

Twice-Baked Cheese Soufflés(Savouries)

If you really want to impress your guests, there are few things guaranteed to elicit more compliments than a baked soufflé.


Two-bite Canapé Rolls(Breads)

Hand a tray of these mini rolls around with drinks and your party is guaranteed to go with a swing.


Valentine's Cake(Cakes)

A light chocolate sponge coated in rich fudge icing and decorated with flowers makes wonderful use of heart-shaped moulds.


Victoria Sponge(Cakes)

The Victoria sponge is the classic British sandwich cake. It’s a light, moist, creamed sponge with a loosely textured crumb.


White Chocolate Florentines(Biscuits)

Crunchy with almonds, sweet with cherries, spiked with candied peel and spiced with chopped ginger.


Witches' hat cupcakes(Cakes)

Cast a spell over witches and wizards with these quirky chocolate cupcakes. We’ve decorated them with swirls of green and purple buttercream...

Issue 7