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Summer, the Season of Roses

By Bake Club


The rose season has started to fade for the year and the beautiful English rose gardens have begun to shut their doors until next year. This doesn’t mean that the love of roses needs to fade as well! As shown in the Festival of Roses blog post, roses are very much admired and adored by many. So, we’ve decided to share a few more simple ways to enjoy roses without having to buy an expensive bunch!

Rose cocktails – while the evenings are still warm infuse rose into cocktails for a delicate perfumed taste. You don’t need to use actual rose petals for this as these can be substituted for rose liqueur, water, or syrup, which can be mixed or shaken into the cocktail. You can adorn the cocktails with rose petals if desired.

Rose sugar – rose flavoured sugar is easy to make and is a subtle, floral substitute for regular sugar. You can use it stirred into coffees and teas, in baking recipes, sprinkled over desserts or use for rose cocktails above! The simplest way to make rose sugar is to chop up rose petals (make sure they’re edible first!) and grind with sugar in a pestle and mortar until the petals are as small as the grains of sugar. The sugar will be a lovely pink colour but will need to be used on the day it’s made as the sugar loses its colour quickly. Alternatively, you can flavour sugar by keeping layers of sugar and rose petals in an airtight jar or container. Leave the jar for a few weeks so the rose fragrance can be absorbed by the sugar.

Dried rose petals – these can be bought from food retailers or online and are useful to have in the cupboard as you can use these as you would normal rose petals. Add them to cake batters, syrups, atop of cakes, crush them with sugar or even add them to savoury dishes. If you really want to you can make your own dried rose petals using various methods.

Rose infused water – if you’re bored of normal water and it’s too early for a rose infused cocktail then make up a rose infused drink that’s suitable for all times of the day. Use rose petals in bottles of water for a subtle perfumed taste – use filtered cold water for optimum taste. Leave the rose in longer for a stronger flavour, but try to drink within a couple of days. Again, rose water or rose syrup can be substituted if rose petals aren’t available. Berries and vanilla go well with the rose flavour for a refreshing and hydrating drink.


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