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Ognisko Restaurant

By Bake Club


It is coming up to New Year party season and canapés are a great way to feed a lot of guests. A sit-down meal can be time-consuming to make but with canapés you can make a variety of dishes, which can be as simple or as difficult as you like! Even simple salmon and cream cheese can be a winner and doesn’t take long to prepare. Our festive canapés and mini party canapés can give you inspiration to utilize at your next party.

We spoke to Jan Woroniecki, owner of Ognisko – a Polish restaurant that offers a range of canapés. Ognisko’s Polish inspired canapés show that you can recreate any of your favourite dishes into bite-sized pieces. Watch the video above to see some canapés being made and read some advice below…

How did your business begin?

I opened my first restaurant in 1989. I thought it would be a part time distraction from my main career as a photographer but there was too much fun – and vodka – and I soon became a full time restaurateur.

What’s your favourite sweet and favourite savoury canapé?

Sweet: Racuchy  - these are a deep fried apple fritter – rather like a beignet – dusted with icing sugar and topped with a dollop of chantilly cream.

Savoury: Small potato pancakes topped with grilled black sausage, sautéed onions and Apple compote. The crunch of the pancake together with the soft, sweet earthy taste of the sausage and then the sweet sharp apple make a fantastic combination.

What Polish influences do you use for your canapés? Are there any iconic Polish dishes you take inspiration from?

Yes a lot - barszcz (borscht), Leczo (spicy sauge goulash), blinis with various smoked fish, pierogi (fried dumplings), pelmeni  (small boiled dumplings), small schabowy (schnitzel) with apple sauce…

What are some fail-safe flavour combinations?

Blinis with smoked salmon and cream, smoked eel with beetroot and horseradish, steak tartar with toast, lamb shashlik with pepper relish.

Why do you think canapés make great party food?

They have to be substantial enough to be a dinner substitute and to keep you (relatively) sober  - then you can go on forever!

Do you have any tips for home-bakers who want to make their own canapés?

Keep it simple, using good produce and don't try to do too many variations!

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