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No French patisserie would be complete without delectable macarons. This issue we have taken the macaron up a notch by using a heart shaped mould to make these adorable confections even sweeter.

Bake Club stopped by Ganache Macaron to speak to some seasoned macaron experts. With a name comprised of two of our favourite things, we had high hopes! Ganache Macaron is a baking business solely focused on creating high quality, delicious macarons that can be personalised to suit any occasion and need. The Ganache Macaron team takes pride in the fact that they hand make all of their macarons and use only authentic recipes. Read below to find out more about their business and watch the video above for an inside peak into a macaron warehouse!

How/when did you begin your business?

Our founding director, Audrey Cadostin, started Ganache Macaron in 2011. Being a passionate foodie, Audrey had longed to share her cooking and baking with others. After quitting her corporate job, Audrey dabbled in various areas of the food industry and trained in patisserie before deciding to start Ganache Macaron; an homage to her Parisian upbringing.

What do you think sets your macarons apart from others?

They are always handmade (mixed, piped and filled by hand- no machines!) with the finest ingredients, in a gluten free bakery. We set the bar high and are constantly challenging our team by creating new flavours and a wide range of bespoke colours and decoration options (personalised, gold leaf, hand painted, hand iced, heart shaped etc.)

But what really sets us apart from other macaron producers is the individually focused service we offer to each client. No two orders are the same and our team works closely with every client to make sure that their personalised designs, bespoke colours and packaging suit their vision, down to the smallest details.

How are you able to personalise macarons? Can you reproduce most designs/photos onto macarons?

We create Personalised Macarons using an edible ink printer and thin layers of icing. The icing is printed with our customer’s designs and then securely attached to the tops of our macarons. Any design, photo or text can be added to our macarons and we do not have a minimum order per design. Once we had a client propose with our Personalised Macarons, with a letter on each macaron spelling out ‘Will you marry me?”

What’s the most ambitious/interesting bespoke creation you’ve made?

We love working on creative bespoke commissions. Our largest projects to date are our Marie Antoinette inspired macaron-covered dress and our Day of the Dead macaron altar. Each project took months of planning and preparation, as well as thousands of macarons.

The biggest challenge in creating our Marie Antoinette inspired macaron-covered dress (with artist Tasha Krestova) was finishing it in time for the 2013 National Wedding Show. In the end the dress held over 9,000 individually attached macarons and nearly 500 sugar paste roses. It was a time consuming process, but so worth it as we received so many positive comments about the dress!

The challenge we faced in creating our Day of the Dead macaron altar (with designer Katherine Burke) was the massive skull-shaped macaron. Standing at 40cm tall, this was the largest macaron we have ever created, and it was 100% real and edible! Our Day of the Dead altar was displayed in Wahaca Covent Garden throughout October 2014. When the time came to put the giant skull macaron on the altar, it was a very tense moment, but luckily nothing went wrong.

What’s your favourite flavour? What’s the best seller?

Our best seller, by far, is Salted Caramel. Whenever we hold wedding tastings at our bakery and someone bites into one of our Salted Caramel Macarons, the faces they make are pure bliss.

Salted Caramel is definitely a favourite among the Ganache Macaron team. However, our team also enjoy our more unique flavours; such as Caramel Popcorn, PB&J and Passion Fruit & Popping Candy.

How often do you think up new flavour combinations?

Our team is always brainstorming new flavour ideas. We write ideas on slips of paper and put them into our ‘ideas box,’ which we break into at our team meetings. From these ideas, our head chefs develop new seasonal flavours two to three times per year.

Which big brands have ordered your macarons? Who has been the most exciting to work with?

We have provided macarons to quite a few big brands in the fashion, beauty, electronics and automotive industries.

One of our most exciting projects to date was working with Mamas & Papas to create macaron gifts and macaron towers for the nation-wide launch of their collaborative collection with Liberty London.

We also enjoyed creating some hand painted ‘emoji’ macarons for Kiehl’s. These were a first for us, but they turned out looking absolutely adorable.

Do you have any tips for at-home bakers?

Don’t give up after a few bad batches of macarons! Macarons are notoriously tricky to make due to things out of your control, such as air temperature and humidity, which drastically affects the process. Trial and error is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t. If you need some expert advice, attend a Macaron Baking Class (we offer classes in London!)

Visit their website here to order macarons. Share with us your own macaron creations as well! Upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #bakeclublive and @bakeclublive to be featured.