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Decorating with Sweets

By Bake Club


Go back to your childhood and grab a bag of pic n’ mix because using sweets is a fun way to decorate your bakes. This issue’s anti-gravity cake has a magical fountain of cascading M&Ms as its focal point. There are other ways to decorate with sweets; a few of our favourite ideas are below.


Not only can you create a gravity-defying cake, but M&Ms, Smarties and Skittles can add a pop of colour to your bakes to really grab people’s attention. Whether you have a smooth buttercream, chocolate or icing base you can add any of the above sweets while it is still setting. You can make patterns using the different coloured shells or use one colour for the entire cake. A swirl of buttercream on top of cupcakes is also the perfect base for a sprinkling of these colourful sweets.

M&M’s and Smarties also work really well when baked inside brownies, blondies or cookies. Their hard shell protects them while their insides go all gooey as they bake, delicious.


Similar to M&Ms, Smarties and Skittles, jelly beans also add a bit of colour to bakes. Our jelly bean birthday cake is a great way to use jelly beans in a way that looks sophisticated and not like you’re at a children’s birthday party – although using sweets is a great way to get kids involved as long as you’re not precious about the design! Let little hands place the sweets over cakes to make them feel like they are involved in the baking process, and to keep them occupied for a few minutes at least!


Maltesers offer a satisfying crunch and are an easy way to add texture to your bakes. For example a soft cheesecake or mousse could really benefit from the bite and crunch you get from a malteser. Their flavour also isn’t overpowering so will go well with most recipes! Chocolate cakes also look great with rings of maltesers on top.


Like maltesers, chocolate buttons look fabulous on top of chocolate cakes. Use different coloured chocolates to make patterns or stand them on their edges for a 3D effect. You can also go for pic n’ mix old school sweets such as disco discs for added sprinkles and colour.


Who said these should be left on ice cream? Use icing, buttercream or melted chocolate as the glue to stick these colourful little pearls onto your bakes. They will instantly turn any dessert into a rainbow-coloured delight.


A really simple way to decorate cupcakes for those you love. Place love hearts on top of a generous swirl of buttercream and hand to your significant other.


Popping candy and sherbet is always enjoyable and will take you right back to your childhood. Use either (or both!) for an unexpected flavour for your guests. Sprinkle popping candy or sherbet over your bakes for a surprisingly tingly taste.

Using sweets proves that you don’t need hours in the kitchen to decorate your cakes! Share with us your sweet-ly decorate cakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.